Amanziflow Projects

World leaders in automatic, self-actuating, water control equipment


The accurate control of water is fast becoming the main preoccupation of engineers, to maximize water use and minimize losses.

Amanziflow Projects, through its innovative technology, has equipment that can help solve the problems of shortage and control of this valuable commodity – water.

With increasing population and living standards in most countries, more water is required for food production, industry and domestic use. Further, with the threat of global warming, there is more need for renewable energy source and hydro power is now more sought after.

South Africa is a semi-arid country and it is now accepted that the average annual rainfall will steadily reduce due to global warming. Droughts, as well as intermittent floods, will be more frequent in the years to come. It is estimated that within 20 years, at current demand, South Africa will exhaust its water resources. The lack of water is therefore the Achilles heel of the South African economy.

This phenomenon is not only applicable to South Africa, more than half the world’s countries are classified as arid or semi-arid and water concerns everybody on this blue planet of ours.

About us

Amanziflow Projects (Pty) Ltd, previously known as Flowgate Projects (Pty) Ltd, is a South African Company which deals in the design, supply and installation of automatic water control equipment.


Amanziflow Projects’ products and equipment are unique, innovative and specialized. They offer water engineers additional, and much sought-after, capabilities in their design of water schemes.


Amanziflow Projects’ products and equipment are unique, innovative and specialized. Each project is unique and so is the solutions.