Reservoir Inlet Control Valve

Amanziflow Projects have developed a Reservoir Control Valve (RCV) which can maintain the Top Water Level (TWL) in water storage reservoirs, either off the rising main or the gravity main along water supply corridors. Amanziflow have installed 26 such RCV’s for the ORTDM Bulk water supply scheme over the past 15 years.
  • The RCV’s vary from 150NB to 400NB and are in two configurations:
    #1 Top Hung downward facing valves for smaller diameter top inlets and,
    #2 Upward facing valves for larger diameter bottom inlets.
  • The valves are fabricated in SS316 due to the residual chlorine in the water supply.
  • The RCV’s can actuate from 0.5 m dynamic head up to a maximum static head of 100m.
  • The RCV’s are designed to suite the design flow rate and can actuate under very low differential head.
  • The RCV’s prevent water hammer in the system as they close slowly to maintain the TWL in the reservoir.
  • The valves are installed inside the reservoir and actuate under water making vandalism unlikely.
  • These durable automatically actuating RCV’s have many advantages over the other types of control valves, the are 100% locally fabricated and supported.