Diaphragm Valve

The diaphragm valve will automatically regulate a downstream flow into a canal, pipeline or river, with varying upstream water levels.

It can also be used to control an upstream water level with varying downstream flows.

The diaphragm valve varies in size from 150mm to 1600mm in diameter, and can operate with head loss across the diaphragm valve of as low as 0.5m and up to 60m water head.

It can be arranged as a downward facing bend or an upward facing valve, depending on the physical outlet constraints. It can be manually closed and locked, if required, at a required flow rate to prevent unauthorized interference with the flow.

Typical applications are in dam outlets, dam and reservoir inlet control valves, canal and pipeline flow regulation and flow control into treatment works. Diaphragm valves are also suitable for use in dirty, sediment and debris laden water as well sewage works.