Tops Spillway Gate

Automatic Spillway Gate which raises an impoundment spillway height and increasing water storage. The TOPS Gate passes flood events automatically, non-mechanically and unattended, and resets to maintain increased Full Supply Level.

This innovative gate is not sacrificial. The structural arms operate in a safer tensile mode compared to a compressive mode which is prone to load deformation and jamming. The failure mode of the TOPS gate is Open (Fail-to-Open). Control of the gate is exceptionally simple and can be achieved manually or by actuation of a discharge valve from the ballast tank.

AmanziFlow Scour Gate

The Scour Gate, installed in an impoundment wall or barrier, automatically actuates to allow rapid scouring of sediment, gravels and detritus accumulated at the upstream base of the impoundment.

The scour gate is designed to actuate automatically , non-electromechanically and unattended at a pre-determined upstream supply level for periodic scouring of an impoundment. The closure plate resets to the closed position after the upstream supply level recedes to below the control level, thus maintaining the water storage.

The scour gate can be controlled simply by manual or remote actuation of a control valve entering the ballast chamber.

AmanziFlow Diaphragm Valve

The Diaphragm Valve (DV) is an automatic, non-electromechanical valve, 150mm to 1600mm Dia. able to operate in dirty water conditions, and controlled fully under a head as low as 0.5 to 1m and up to 60m head.

The DV regulates downstream canal, pipe or river flow with varying upstream water levels. The control of the valve is by downstream float level control. Further control modes are available. For further information , please visit

Crest Gate
Canal Regulating Gate