Pr Eng B.Sc Eng Civil

Pr Eng B.Sc Eng Civil

Managing Director Amanziflow Projects (Pty) Ltd.


Peter is a professional civil engineer with 48 years of engineering experience. He graduated from Natal University, South Africa in 1969 and has worked mainly as a consulting engineer practicing mostly civil, hydraulics and structural engineering.

Peter has worked in a number of countries including UK, Qatar, Africa, Australia and Peru. He was involved with automatic self-regulating equipment starting in 1976. In 1995 he started the company Flowgate Projects to design and project manage this unique and interesting range of automatic water control equipment. In 2008 the company became Amanziflow Projects (Pty) Ltd.

He has been involved in the full range of automatic water control equipment offered by Amanziflow Projects. He developed and holds a patent on the TOPS spillway gate. In addition to the design, project management, installation and commissioning of this unique and effective range of automatic water control gates, he also often designs the associated civil and structural work to the dam or weir as well as the manually operated equipment associated with the automatic equipment such as screens, stoplogs, grappling beams and canal gates.

He has presented numerous papers at conferences on water security and control as well as provide editorials and interviews with the media on water security related issues. He has been the recipient of two awards for innovation from engineering associations.